Island vibes from Hawai'i 

  Chito's handmade with ALOHA

Fashion Mask : XS (Kids ) Each



This is Fashion Mask size :XSmall (XS) 

size: one size about w15 x H 7cm with longer elastic .

( mask body size is same with kids(XS). but longer elastic for teens or small adult size)

Material : front 100% cotton or 100% Linen / inside 100% Linen

 washable / Reusable after wash


 How to Use

The size reccomend for under 10years old. use thin elastic.

 If it is large, pull the rubber and the knot will come out, so please adjust it from there.

 Before use or when reusing, soak in hot water or soapy water for a while, sterilize, please.


 This is not a medical or surgical mask.

 Mask for temporary infection prevention at public or home.

 We cannot develop any symptoms or worsen symptoms.

 We are not accept return or any refund for this mask.

 Also WE ARE NOT RESPOSIBLE for any reason.


 こちらの&# 12469;イズは、&# 65297;0代〜大&# 20154;の小さめ&# 21521;けとなり&# 12414;す。 マスク自体 の大きさは 、キッズXSӗ 2;一緒で、Ӟ 8;ムが眺めӗ 2;なりますӍ 0;

 使用前、&# 20877;利用の際&# 12399;、しばら&# 12367;洗剤水に&# 12388;けて、洗&# 12387;てからお&# 20351;いくださ&# 12356;。(手洗い& #25512;奨)



これは、医 療用マスク ではありま せん。一時 的な感染予 防のための マスクです 。

何らかの発 症や症状の 悪化などは 責任を負い かねますの で予めご了 承ください 。返品返金 は承ってお りません。

 Stay Safe and Healthy with Aloha

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