Island vibes from Hawai'i 

  Chito's handmade with ALOHA

Upcycle Patchwork Bag_ Small


ORDER to :  info@chitchathawaii.com

Long Seller patchwork serise

 Only one kind of bag!


世界に一つ だけのオリ ジナルパッ チワーク、 リバーシブ ルのバッグ (片面ずつ違 ;うパッチワ ;ークになっ ;ています。 ;)




Gathering Bag: W14xH8xD2 / H20xW36xD10cm

*It will be differnt each bag , depend fabric.


Tote:depend by fabric

Material : Cotton Canva, Poly cotton, Vintage

Mixed the Hawaiian, Vintage, deadstock any kind of fabric



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